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A Twitter user was suspended for 'glorifying violence' after posting exactly what Donald Trump tweets (TWTR)

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  • A Twitter user recently started an account, @SuspendThePres, where he tweets word-for-word what President Donald Trump posts in an "experiment" to see how long it would take Twitter to suspend his account.
  • After three days, Twitter said @SuspendThePres violated policies by "glorifying violence," taking action by temporarily suspending its posting privileges and asking the offending tweet be deleted.
  • The tweet in question — containing the words "when the looting starts, the shooting starts" — was posted on Trump's account May 29. Twitter did not take down the tweet, but did label it as "glorifying violence."
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A Twitter user recently launched an experiment to see what action the platform would take if he started posting Donald Trump's controversial tweets word-for-word. It took only three days for Twitter to notice and suspend the user.
The account @SuspendThePres launched May 29, and started to post tweets identical to those sent on Trump's Twitter. The premise was simple, according to Bizarre Lazar, the Twitter user behind the account: see how long it would take Twitter to take action against him for violating platform policies.See the rest of the story at Business Insider
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