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DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Sherard Johnson, a erstwhile teacher astatine Neal Middle School, is making definite underprivileged children successful Durham are acceptable to enactment their champion ft forward.

"Each twelvemonth connected the archetypal time of school, I would spot behavioral issues from antithetic students due to the fact that they would person debased self-esteem and assurance from the apparel they wore and the shoes they wore," Johnson said.

Two years ago, the 30-year-old launched Project 300 done his nonprofit RNS Sports.

He told ABC11 that his thought for the task came from a dream. The vision: Gather assemblage donations and enactment to supply astatine slightest 300 children with a marque caller brace of shoes

"All antithetic types, man. Like bully shoes. These are not rinky-dink shoes," Johnson said.

The conception has exploded since his archetypal lawsuit successful August 2019.

Johnson said helium waits six days earlier the lawsuit to denote the astonishment determination connected societal media.

That's however Asia Mitchell discovered the giveaway.

She was 1 of the fortunate families to get these shoes.

Mitchell is simply a parent of five, is disabled and lives connected a fixed income.

"When I told them we were going to get caller shoes for school, they were overjoyed, jumping up and down was excited and waiting for the time to come," Mitchell said. "They were like, convey you!"

The gratitude is simply a blessing for Johnson, too.

"My bosom has been to assistance people," helium said.

So galore radical showed up past time, Johnson had to crook families away.

But this twelvemonth helium expects helium tin treble his giveaway to 600 pairs of shoes.

People person until Aug. 8 to donate earlier the determination of the footwear giveaway is announced connected societal media.

"It's astonishing and everything to me," said Johnson.

To donate oregon petition information, send an email here oregon nonstop a nonstop connection by pursuing @RNSSportsNC connected Twitter, Instagram oregon Facebook astatine RON N Shoot (RNS) Sports Inc.

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