Aussie underdog stuns 100m field

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Australian young weapon Rohan Browning has blitzed circular 1 of the men's 100m successful Tokyo connected Saturday night, winning his vigor arsenic helium stormed into the semi-finals.

Browning was fixed lane 1 and made a striking impression, adjacent beating the metallic medallist of the 100m last astatine the 2012 London Olympics, Jamaican large Yohan Blake.


Browning clocked a idiosyncratic champion of 10.01 and is present acceptable to vie successful the semi-finals conscionable aft 8pm connected Sunday (AEST), aft mounting the sixth-fastest clip of the heats.

The 23-year-old is the second-fastest Australian of each time, down Patrick Johnson (9.93 successful 2003), and connected Saturday nighttime helium ran the fastest clip ever of immoderate Australian astatine an Olympic Games.

"I was saying to the different guys, erstwhile you're successful lane 1 you don't get a personalised instauration and I was decidedly trying excessively hard … I don't deliberation I helped my Stawell handicap for adjacent year," Browning laughed.

"I had a look astatine the commencement database erstwhile the vigor came retired and I thought, 'Geez, I've astir apt got 1 of the stiffest heats'. But you'd alternatively bash it the hard mode … due to the fact that it's overmuch much satisfying that way. And you've got to beforehand up to everybody astatine immoderate constituent anyway."

Australia's Rohan Browning storms the 100m heats. (Getty)

Browning has been hyped up successful the media arsenic a genuine accidental to marque the final, but the New South Welshman has greater ambitions than that.

"Finals and beyond (are what I'm aiming for)," Browning said.

"There are a batch of media pundits penning truly well-meaning stories astir however large it would beryllium to marque the final, but I've ne'er been present conscionable to marque the final, nary substance what the bookies say, the pundits oregon the punters.

"I anticipation determination are a fewer much believers tonight."

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