'Bigfoot' crashes girl's birth party

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HOCHATOWN, Okla. — An Oklahoma miss received the astonishment of a beingness astatine her sixth day party, lone it wasn't 1 she was acceptable for.

The girl's parent Brett told 2 News Oklahoma that she usually goes all-out for day parties with a fancy day cake.

However, erstwhile the barroom fell done this year, Brett and her hubby invited a makeshift "Bigfoot" to the enactment -- initially terrifying the young partygoers.

"We conscionable thought, I mean she came with balloons and a bow and a tutu, truthful I thought 'oh this volition beryllium cute and fun,'" Brett said.

"Well my kids did not person that reaction."

"Mrs. Bigfoot," besides known arsenic Cinnamon, peeked done the windows with balloons and a acquisition to the fearfulness of the children inside.

Brett says aft she made her mode inside, the parents gave her a hug and the kids yet warmed up to her.

"I would conscionable urge it for a bully clip due to the fact that evidently by the video my kids thought truthful too," Brett says.

"But they dont privation her to travel backmost though."

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