CAKE in a price consolidation phase

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  • PancakeSwap launches NFT.

  • Community votes to trim the fig of CAKE successful circulation. 

  • CAKE is experiencing terms consolidation.

PancakeSwap is what is referred to successful the crypto abstraction arsenic an automated marketplace shaper (AMM). It’s a decentralised concern (DeFi) exertion that allows users to speech tokens and supply liquidity via farming. In return, PancakeSwap earns from transaction fees.

There is nary information concerning the maximum proviso of CAKE disposable connected the blockchain. However, determination is simply a full proviso of astir 245 cardinal tokens. The full proviso and circulating proviso are equal.

PancakeSwap (CAKE) is ranked 53rd spot connected CoinMarketCap. It has an all-time precocious (ATH) of $44.18 (30th of April 2021) and an all-time debased of $0.198 (3rd of November, 2020).

CAKE has a marketplace headdress of $3,435,019,864.12 and Total Value Locked (TVL) is $6,116,150,394.

CAKE/ TetherUS regular candlestick illustration (Source: Tradingview)

From the illustration above, CAKE is presently moving towards its July low. If barroom touches this bull marketplace enactment band, we whitethorn spot a partial betterment successful the coming weeks.

Recently, the terms ranges person been betwixt $13.73 and $14.77, with a regular trading measurement of implicit $270 million.

PancakeSwap (CAKE) tin beryllium utilized arsenic a involvement by users to gain much rewards; this is called farming. CAKE is utilized to participate the lottery connected PancakeSwap. Each lottery league lasts for astir 6 hours. However, a azygous summons outgo 10 CAKE.

PancakeSwap launches non-fungible token (NFT) connected 30 September 2021. It was delayed from its 22 September 2021 motorboat date.


In summary, PancakeSwap (CAKE) has large nett potential. In the agelong term, simply buying and holding the token tin besides springiness you a bully imaginable for profits.

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