Dallas School District Defies Greg Abbott And Imposes Mask Mandate

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The schoolhouse territory successful Dallas, TX, is defying Gov. Greg Abbott’s disguise mandate prohibition and imposing a disguise mandate for the commencement of the schoolhouse year.

Dallas School District Ignores Greg Abbott’s Mask Mandate Ban

The Dallas Morning News reported:

Starting Tuesday, Dallas ISD volition necessitate students and teachers to deterioration masks astatine its campuses, defying Gov. Greg Abbott’s bid that bars districts from issuing disguise mandates.

Superintendent Michael Hinojosa announced the alteration during a Monday greeting property conference, saying that it was wrong his discretion to guarantee the wellness and information of his employees and the district’s students.

Republican Governors Are Losing On Anti-Mask Mandate And Vaccine Passport Laws

Dallas isn’t going to beryllium the lone schoolhouse territory to defy Abbott. Lots much schoolhouse districts are apt to travel suit astir the state arsenic the Delta variant continues to rip done states.

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis mislaid arsenic a national tribunal ruled that his vaccine passport prohibition can’t beryllium enforced and is illegal. 

Republican governors are warring a losing conflict due to the fact that schoolhouse districts person a work to support children safe. When these anti-mask laws spell to court, the Republican governors are apt looking astatine a bid of defeats.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) said that helium was incorrect to motion the anti-mask bill, and present Republicans similar Greg Abbott are being defied due to the fact that the Dallas schoolhouse territory is putting the wellness of students up of partisan politics.

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