First F1 win cruelly snatched from 'devastated' Norris

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McLaren operator Lando Norris says he's 'devastated' aft having his archetypal triumph cruelly snatched distant owed to a incorrect tyre telephone successful the closing stages of the Russian Grand Prix.

The 21-year-old had the contention nether control, with a comfy pb implicit Mercedes operator Lewis Hamilton, earlier rainfall caused chaos successful the last laps.

While astir of the drivers stopped for intermediate tyres, including Hamilton, Norris made the determination to enactment retired connected slicks, contempt his squad suggesting helium marque the change.

With conscionable 3 laps remaining the rainfall intensified and Norris was virtually a passenger, skating disconnected the circuit arsenic helium struggled to support control.

Lando Norris congratulates Lewis Hamilton aft the Mercedes operator won the Russian Grand Prix. (Getty)

Hamilton cruised past to assertion the win, arsenic Norris was yet forced to pit, dropping him to seventh.

"I'm unhappy. Devastated successful a way," Norris told Sky Sports.

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"I conjecture we made a telephone to enactment out. I deliberation we basal by that telephone of course. It was the incorrect 1 astatine the extremity of the day, but I made a determination conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic the team.

"In fact, it was much that they thought I should container and I decided to enactment out. So it was my decision. I thought it was the mode to go."

The rainfall outgo McLaren a 2nd consecutive victory, aft Daniel Ricciardo's triumph astatine Monza 2 weeks ago.

"Just a spot of heartbreak," Norris said.

"I felt I did everything I could, adjacent erstwhile it got tricky astatine the end. I made a mates of mistakes but inactive kept Lewis down and started to propulsion distant a small bit.

Rain denied Lando Norris his archetypal expansive prix triumph successful Russia. (Getty)

"So it was a spot of luck, similar the laps I was retired earlier Lewis boxed, it was I deliberation perfectly good for the tyres I was on, and I got told the rainfall was going to enactment the same.

"If it was the aforesaid magnitude past we made the close determination and I deliberation staying retired was the close decision. But it evidently got a batch wetter than we arsenic a squad expected and that had america implicit successful the end."

Norris had lone led 1 thigh successful his F1 vocation anterior to this race, but showed the poise of a seasoned arsenic helium controlled the race.

He said had the rainfall arrived earlier it would person been a antithetic story.

SOCHI, RUSSIA - SEPTEMBER 26: Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes and Great Britain celebrates winning his 100th Grand Prix during the F1 Grand Prix of Russia astatine Sochi Autodrom connected September 26, 2021 successful Sochi, Russia. (Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images) (Getty)

"Especially erstwhile there's lone 2 laps to go," helium explained. "If determination are 20 to spell you are possibly not arsenic assertive with decisions, but we did what we thought was right, which I'm unhappy with of course. It was incorrect astatine the extremity of the day.

"Everything until then, the guys did an fantabulous occupation and person done each weekend. So I'm blessed with fundamentally everything isolated from that 1 determination which we'll reappraisal and hopefully effort not marque again."

Hamilton had besides wanted to enactment retired connected his slick tyres astatine the end, but was overruled by the Mercedes strategists, who called him successful for intermediates, successful what proved to beryllium the race-winning decision.

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McLaren brag Andreas Seidl said aft the contention that the squad had to judge immoderate work for what happened.

"Of people we're disappointed, he's precise disappointed," Seidl told Sky Sports.

"But that's portion of the athletics we're in, successful hindsight it's ever casual to justice what we could person done differently.

"We didn't get it unneurotic arsenic a team, it was the incorrect determination to enactment out."

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