How Much Does It Cost To Utilize PRNewswire

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PRNewswire is an online service that allows businesses to share PRWeb Pricing  with a large audience. The service is free for all users, but you will need to pay for credits in order to use it. These credits can be purchased through the PRNewswire website or through an affiliated company. The cost of utilizing PRNewswire depends on how many people want access to your press release and what type of services you want from them.

Credit pack-based pricing

PRNewswire offers a range of pricing options, depending on your needs. Prices range from $1,000 to $5,000 per month and are based on a credit pack (or “unit”). A credit pack is a group of ads that you can place in one order and receive credits for future transactions.

Prices do not include taxes or fees for other services such as hosting or maintenance; these fees are included with your purchase.


The basic service is $99 per month, with a limit of 250 words and no images or social media promotion. It also includes PRNewswire Pricing  and syndication, but not custom branding or custom domain name.


  • The standard package is $399 per month.

  • Includes unlimited press releases, but no distribution to social media.

  • Includes distribution to more than 1,000 media outlets and 50,000 social media accounts.


  • Advanced (1-4): PRNewswire's advanced distribution is available to companies that want to invest in a more robust strategy and reach. It includes a press release distribution to more than 500 media outlets and 1,000 media outlets.

  • Selective (5-8): If you're looking for an affordable way to expand your reach, PRNewswire's selective distribution feature is perfect for you! This package offers unlimited press releases with additional features like tracking and reporting so that you can measure the results of your campaigns with ease.

  • Global (9+) : With this level of service from Marketwired Pricing, it's easy to see why their global clients have been able to achieve so much success by using their services—and why they continue choosing them every time they need something done right!

Small Business

Small business pricing starts at $199 per month and includes up to five releases per month and 100,000 page views.

PRNewswire is more expensive than most other services.

PRNewswire is more expensive than most other services. In fact, it's highly competitive with other newswire services and PR services.

PRNewswire has a unique cost structure that includes:

  • Cost per article: $1,000/article (including the initial price of your website)

  • Cost per site: $500/site (for websites that have less than 100 articles on them)


PRNewswire is a reliable, high-quality service. The price is higher than most other services, but if you need to reach your customers and make them aware of your product or service, then there is no better option. If you are looking for something that can help grow your business, Business Wire Pricing  will deliver results quickly and efficiently at an affordable rate.

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