Is The Sandbox (SAND) getting ready for another Pump?

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  • SAND surges 25% arsenic Adidas rumours connected a imaginable partnership.

  • SAND has gained 600% since Mark Zuckerberg's announcement astir Metaverse.

  • Sandbox Alpha, scheduled for 3 weeks from 29th of Nov to 30th of Dec 2021.

The Sandbox is different blockchain-based virtual world. It allows users to create, build, bargain and merchantability integer assets. The Sandbox combines the powers of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAO) & non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to make a thriving crippled community.

One of the large driving forces down The Sandbox is Arthur Madrid. Arthur is co-founder and CEO astatine Pixowl. He completed his undergraduate studies astatine the Université Paris Dauphine successful 2000.

The Sandbox is built connected the Ethereum blockchain. It is secured by the proof-of-stake (PoS) statement mechanism. The SAND token is simply a modular mentation ERC-20 token. Holders of this token tin determine to involvement their coin and gain from it.

The SAND token has a full proviso of 3 Billion. As of November 2021, 913,246,119 of these tokens are actively successful circulation. 

Out of the full disposable supply, 25.82% is acceptable speech arsenic institution reserve, 17.18% was allocated for effect sales. The squad members and founders shared astir 31% of the full supply. And astir 10% was dedicated arsenic rewards offering for task advisors. 

SAND / TetherUS regular candlestick illustration (Source: TradingView)

SAND has accrued by astir 600% since Mark Zuckerberg's announcement connected Meta. This rally was good anticipated arsenic each different virtual satellite related tokens experienced akin movements.

Starting from an all-time debased of $0.02894 (Nov 04, 2020), this virtual satellite token has peaked astatine an all-time precocious of $8.51 (Nov 25, 2021).

The SAND token has a marketplace headdress of $6,365,555,192.28.

After experiencing a 3 days bull tally past week with a week precocious of $8.4876, SAND is presently consolidating betwixt a marketplace terms of $5.7608 – $7.9440.


SAND is presently consolidating, and this is wholly mean for anyone that has been successful the crypto abstraction for astatine slightest a year. Token (not the regular pump and dump shitcoins) instrumentality bull runs intermittently, chill off/retrace partially/consolidate and past proceed with an upward trend.

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