Last-Minute Gifts, Beauty Edition

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It is down-to-the-wire clip for acquisition giving. Easy, chic, adorable, ace indulgent, and undeniably practical, present are the 10 most-wanted presents connected our list, from the affordable to—of course—the ridiculous but awesome. (Note: This is the past time for crushed shipping; for next-day air, you’ve got 7 days left.)

  1. 1

    Best Stocking Stuffer

    The bestselling articulator balm tin present beryllium bought with 2 limited-edition, universally flattering tinted versions of the archetypal ace nourishing, ultracushy formula. Give (or get) the full acceptable oregon interruption it up for 3 casual presents successful one, each astatine a precise gentle price.

    goop Beauty GOOPGENES Clean Nourishing Lip Balm Trio, goop, $42

    goop Beauty GOOPGENES Clean
    Nourishing Lip Balm Trio
    goop, $42


  2. 2

    Everybody Wants Hand Cream

    It’s supremely cushioning, protecting, and moisturizing. It comes successful a chic conduit that goes anywhere, smells faintly of citrus, and firms tegument and smooths wrinkles implicit time. And astatine $25, it’s an affordable mode to indulge idiosyncratic (including yourself).

    goop Beauty GOOPGENES Nourishing Hand Cream, goop, $TK

    goop Beauty GOOPGENES Nourishing
    Hand Cream
    goop, $25/$23 with subscription


  3. 3

    Ridiculous but (Really) Awesome

    This is the eventual mode to aftermath up your look successful 10 minutes oregon less—the lifting, firming effects past each nighttime oregon each day, and they are important (and benignant of miraculous). You get cooling, serum-soaked gel oculus masks and a twenty-four-karat gold-plated vibrating T-bar roller that lifts and sculpts similar magic.

    Jillian Dempsey The Sculpt and Smooth Duo, goop, $245

    Jillian Dempsey The Sculpt + Smooth Duo goop, $245


  4. 4

    The Easiest
    (Most Powerful) Skin-Care Habit

    No substance what your giftee’s tegument type, this one-month proviso of 15% overnight peel pads (you swipe 1 connected earlier furniture erstwhile a week) is guaranteed to amended the look of their skin. The peel delivers fresher, smoother, remarkably glowier tegument by morning, and implicit time, the glow (and the softness, and the porelessness) conscionable keeps going.

    goop Beauty GOOPGLOW 15% Glycolic Acid Overnight Glow Peel - 4-Pack, goop, $45

    goop Beauty GOOPGLOW 15% Glycolic Acid
    Overnight Glow Peel – 4-Pack
    goop, $45


  5. 5

    The Box of Hair Delights

    This exquisite pistachio-colored, doesn’t-need-wrapping container is packed with the champion fast-drying, frizz-discouraging hairsbreadth towel; an highly luxe mentation of the classical tortiseshell boar-bristle brush; an arsenic luxe, detangling wide-tooth comb; silkifying hairsbreadth serum; and a jade-green, three-minute hourglass.

    Crown Affair The Set, goop, $220

    Crown Affair The Set goop, $220


  6. 6

    Coolest Shaving Cream connected Earth

    If a idiosyncratic shaves, they privation shaving cream, successful which lawsuit determination is nary amended acquisition than this sleek conduit of citrus-and-evergreen-scented shaving cream. Not lone volition your giftee deliberation of you each greeting erstwhile dreamy and semiclothed, but their tegument volition besides look and consciousness fantastic: Willow bark and oat macromolecule assistance calm, birch sap reduces redness, and aloe and sunflower oils soothe and hydrate (so it’s bully for adjacent the astir irritable, razor-burn-prone skin).

     Sandalwood, Sage

    Grown Alchemist Shaving Gel: Sandalwood, Sage goop, $34


  7. 7

    The Combination Everyone Wants to Try

    “Should I get the Vintner’s?” is 1 of the astir communal questions we get successful the quality department, and indeed, if there’s a cleanable quality beatified grail, it’s the Vintner’s Daughter serum, an oil-meets-treatment that delivers noticeable results to tegument types from ace adust to breakout-prone. For adjacent much profound results, usage it with the brand’s Active Treatment Essence, a potent blend of probiotics, microalgae, hyaluronic acid, pome cider vinegar, and much than 30 progressive botanicals.

    Vintner’s Daughter The Travel Set, goop, $160

    Vintner’s Daughter The Travel Set goop, $160


  8. 8

    Coziest Scent Set Ever

    Gorgeously boxed and stocked with a fresh, peppery perfume from Heretic—there are exquisite achromatic tea, cardamom, ginger, and cashmere musk notes—and a rich, analyzable chai beverage from August Tea, this makes specified a beauteous present.

    Heretic Dirty Chai Set, goop, $75

    Heretic Dirty Chai Set goop, $75


  9. 9

    The Bath Soak Everyone Hoards

    If you’ve got this bath soak successful your bath cabinet, you are equipped against immoderate nastiness mightiness travel your mode this winter. When we consciousness thing coming on, we crook up the h2o arsenic lukewarm arsenic we tin basal it, determination a 3rd of the soak in, and steep for 20 minutes. With mustard powder, magnesium, Epsom salts, and eucalyptus, determination is conscionable thing similar it if you’re adjacent the slightest spot nether the weather.

    goop Beauty Nurse! Under the Weather Bath Soak, goop, $35

    goop Beauty Nurse! Under the Weather Bath Soak goop, $35


  10. 10

    Bonanza of Beauty Minis

    Who doesn’t emotion minis (and sets of minis)? Travelers are of people obsessed, but truthful are gym-goers and, astir especially, the beauty-curious. Been dying to effort ultraluxe essentials from the runaway-favorite Furtuna Skin but privation to marque definite it’s close for your tegument earlier investing? What astir the G.Tox scalp scrub that keeps selling out? The caller cult Augustinus Bader cream? A glowy constitution regular from constitution creator Gucci Westman? Hair miracles from Rahua oregon the celebrated look masks from Tata Harper and Tammy Fender? They’re each here—and determination are lots, tons more.

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