Woman, 22, charged in Mount Prospect hit-and-run

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MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. (WLS) -- A 22-year-old pistillate has been charged successful transportation with a Mount Prospect hit-and-run clang that sent a 54-year-old antheral successful a wheelchair to the ICU, constabulary said Friday.

Jasmine K. Nelson has been charged with leaving the country of a idiosyncratic wounded accident, aggravated usage of an physics connection instrumentality progressive successful a centrifugal conveyance mishap that results successful large bodily harm, speeding much than 35 mph implicit the bounds and nonaccomplishment to trim velocity to debar an accident, Mount Prospect constabulary said.

She's accused of crashing into Marc Giolli, who was connected his mode location to spell for a locomotion with his aged begetter the day of June 2.

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Giolli, who has spina bifida and is paraplegic, uses a wheelchair. He was trying to transverse the 1300-block of Elmhurst Road, going to spot his dad, erstwhile a dark-colored Chevrolet deed him and didn't stop.

"His arms are conscionable afloat of roadworthy rash. A gash connected his head, I conjecture helium deed the windshield, " his sister Mary Tyler said astatine the time.

Giolli was near with a breached pelvis and ribs, shattered knee, a punctured lung and a heavy caput coiled with interior encephalon bleeding. Bystanders stepped successful to help, guiding postulation astir the severely injured man.

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"He was breathing, but helium wasn't moving so, my roommate kept directing postulation and that's each we could do," said witnesser Bobby Hansford.

Tyler said her member and their begetter are close. They unrecorded unneurotic and instrumentality attraction of each other.

"(I'm) truthful gladsome idiosyncratic was there. I mean, I was a artifact distant and didn't cognize what was going on. I could person been determination successful a minute," Tyler said.

Nelson turned herself successful to constabulary Thursday and is owed successful enslaved tribunal Friday, officials said.

The video successful the subordinate supra is from an earlier report.

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